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    You've Got Rhythm: Read Music Better by Feeling the Beat

    Finally you can have fun learning to read music!

    “I can just see a classroom of people, any age, slapping their thighs, clapping their hands, and tapping their fingers while reciting together, ‘We wish that Americans appreciated good radishes and used them as largely as do the French …’ Finally: relief for the rhythmically challenged—and without that nasty medicinal taste!”

    —Ed Roseman, author, Edly's Music Theory for Practical People

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  • book and CD $44.95

    Piano, Body and Soul: a New Method for Adult Beginners

    Have you always wanted to play the piano?

    “This innovative teaching method allowed me to feel that I had actually grasped the fundamentals of playing the piano. Since I had had no previous experience in playing the piano, I was quite impressed that I had learned as much as I did in such a short period of time. I would recommend this teaching method to anyone who thinks that he or she cannot learn how to play the piano..”

    —Diane Dudas, New York City

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  • Book and CD $19.95

    Double Bounce: Ten piano duets for older beginners

    Playing duets is one of a musician's great joys, but finding stimulating repertoire for two beginning pianists is not so easy—until now.

    Anna Dembska's ten duets from Piano, Body and Soul offer beautiful, sophisticated sounds to adventurous pairs of players. This book/CD set is perfect for teachers seeking duets for teens and adult beginners, lapsed pianists looking for a fun and inspiring way to get back to the keyboard, and Piano, Body and Soul students who need a second score for their piano partners.

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    Edly's Music Theory for Practical People

    “A light-hearted yet no-nonsense approach to a subject that often plagues the music hobbyist and professional alike. The book proves that music theory doesn't have to be a hair-pulling, nail-biting experience; it can actually be fun!”

    Sheet Music Magazine

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