Joan Harkness plays Beethoven, Brahms, and The Banjo

A new CD from pianist and Flying Leap author Joan Harkness!

Pianist Joan Harkness makes the rounds through an ever-widening repertoire for classical piano with lively emotion and stylistic integrity.

Indeed, she does play "The Banjo," a nineteenth-century musical sensation by Gottschalk, as well as a politely dramatic sonata by Beethoven. Brahms weighs in with a Ballade and an Intermezzo, while another Intermezzo, by Mexico's Manuel M. Ponce, tugs at the heart.

The journey continues with antique and contemporary piano miniatures by Edward MacDowell and Anna Dembska that brighten your day like a piece of chocolate.

Finally, kick back, relax, sway with the island breezes, and experience the sweet Cuban dances by Ignacio Cervantes.