You've Got Rhythm Copy License

Would you like to tailor You've Got Rhythm to your students' and choir members' needs? If you are interested in using selected pages from You've Got Rhythm in your studio, classroom, or choir, we are now offering a license to copy. When you purchase a copying license, you choose the Talking Music pieces that fit your needs and create custom take-home or rehearsal practice booklets. You may copy any of the material in the book for a price that makes using it affordable and practical.

You must already own a copy of the book to be eligible for licensing.

Rates are:

$.25 per copy for 50-99 copies,

$.20 cents for 100-149 copies

$ .15 cents for 150 copies and over.

Tell us how many copies you plan to make, and we will send you a license.

Right-click (Windows) or control-click (Mac) here to download a license agreement form.



You've Got Rhythm: read music better by feeling the beat

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