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chorus and vocal ensemble      
The Bear 9:00 SATB, soprano solo, piano Lyrics bt Beatrix Gates

Coyote commences singing
Coyote commences singing
The young woman hurries forth
To hear the coyote songs.

A hat of eagle feathers
A hat of eagle feathers
A hat was made for me
That made my heart grow stronger

Coyote ran around it
Coyote ran around it
Ran into the blue water,
Changed the color of his hair

2:40 SSA Lyrics: Trad. Pima, trans. Frank Russell. Performed (in order of appearance) by Mara Goodman, Anna Dembska, and Karen Haight

Earthly Light, cantata in three movements, commissioned by the Bagaduce Chorale

  • I Nuclear Sun
  • II Light Spectrum
  • III Photosynthesis (the plants sing to us)
13:00 SATB divisi, fl,ob,cl,2hn,btbn,cel,org. Lyrics by Anna Dembska
How Can I Keep from Singing? (arrangement in shape-note style) 2:16 SATB  
Isn't It True?     Lyrics by Jacques Lusseyran
Row, row, row your boat
Gently down the stream.
Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily
Life is but a dream.
Life Is But a Dream
2:24 SATB Lyrics anon. Performed by Singin' Local
Long long long…
As a hart longs for flowing streams
So longs my soul for Thee, O God!
My soul thirsts for God,
For the living God.
Deep calls to deep
At the thunder of Thy cataracts.
Thy waves and Thy billows wash over me.
My soul thirsts for God,
For the living God.
Long long long…
Longing (Psalm 42)
5:00 SATB Lyrics: Psalm 42. Performed by Kiitos
¡Mira! (New York Harasses Sor Juana) 4:50 SATB divisi Lyrics by Sor Juana Inez de la Cruz. Performed by Singin' Local

The Moth and the Fish Eggs

  multiple voices Lyrics by Walt Whitman. Realized by Anna Dembska
Salt Marsh Suite 12:00 2 improvising sopranos  
Three Pop Songs 7:30 SATB  

Sittin' local, feelin' alien...

Sippin' lager at the fountain,
slippin' farther to the outer world,
sittin' local, feelin' alien...

Click of the heels
says I'd like to go home.
Sittin' local, feelin' alien...

Oh you can fly away
in the middle of the day
and nothin' will be local
and nothin' will be alien.

Fly away in the middle of the day.
Fly away!

Sittin' Local
    Lyrics by Andrea Hawks. Performed by Singin' Local
   A Love Song     Lyrics by Andrea Hawks
   The Silver Pod     Lyrics by Anna Dembska. Performed by Singin' Local
Tiburon (chorale and round) 2:22 3 or 4 parts  
Woody 3:30 SATB Lyrics anon. Performed by Chicago A Cappella
Joe Hill's Will     lyrics by Joe Hill
Three Refrigerator Rounds (from magnetic poetries)      
   Fish Song      
A Circle Is Cast     lyrics: trad. Performed by Libana
Persephone Gathers Flowers (co-composed with Peter Dembski)     lyrics by Clark Jordan
Kore Chant     lyrics: trad., performed by Libana
Kriah 20:00 chorus, solo soprano and alto, giant puppets  
Three Witch Songs      
  Invocation 3:45 improvising soprano  
  Flying (Drug Culture in Medieval Europe 4:25 2 sopranos and computer  
  Spellbound (A Witch Life, Part 1) 5:54 2 sopranos and computer  
Lapis Lazuli 2:27 voice, piano  
Heart Attack   Soprano, Tenor, piano libretto by Betty Shamai
Songs from Storys for All 10:00   Lyrics by Andrea Hawks
The White Horse   solo voice  
The Sad Rabbit   SATB  
The Donkey With the Golden Shoes   STB  
The Fish with the Golden Teeth   soprano  
Dreaming 6:08 high male voice with 2 sopranos and piano  
Wild Card Anatomy   any number of improvisors  
Hearing   voice, piano  
Light   voice, piano  
Touching   voice, piano  
Stop Thinking 4:30 soprano and string quartet Lyrics by Anna Dembska
Singing Bridge Songs 12:40 (from the original 1993 workshop version) Lyrics by Beatrix Gates
   Lost Girl, Found Girl   soprano, piano, percussion  
   Wild Blue   soprano, piano, percussion  
   Green Leaves Be Green   2 sopranos, alto, piano, percussion  
A Modern Woman 6:00 2 improvising sopranos and percussion  
Bobby Shea 3:00 soprano, violin lyrics by Jean Marie Youngstrom.
Womens Song of the North 15:00 soprano, mezzo-soprano, percussion lyrics by Marsha Raredon
I Give You Back 4:35 soprano, drum Lyrics by Joy Harjo.
A Mother's First Thoughts 3:30 voice, piano lyrics by Marsha Raredon
opera/music theater      

The Singing Bridge, commissioned by Opera House Arts

80:00 s,s,s,a,t,t,bar/ct,b,fl,Bbcla/bcl,bn,perc,pump org,acc,vln,vla,vc Libretto by Beatrix Gates

To Music, commissioned by Karin Spitfire

45:00 soprano, mezzo-soprano, alto or tenor, piano/keyboard, 2 dancer/speakers  
Enough is Enough, a puppet opera 40:00 7 singer/puppeteers and chorus Libretto by Andrea Hawks and Anna Dembska.

The Juniper Tree

60:00 soprano, harp, flute/saxophone Libretto by Anna Dembska, from the Brothers Grimm. Performed by Anna Dembska, Carol Emanuel, Tim Moran
Kriah 20:00 chorus, solo soprano and alto, giant puppets  
Double Bounce: Ten Piano Duets for Adult Beginners   piano 4-hand  
Little Piano Pieces: 43 progressive pieces for beginning to intermediate adults   piano 2-hand and 4-hand