California Music Teacher

Fall 2001 | Volume 25 | Number 1



This is a book written by a singer/composer and a pianist—two people who have given much thought and research to the important subject of rhythm. Another great title for this work would be “Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Rhythm!” It would be one of the most valuable books a teacher could own and definitely one that every music student should have. It covers every possible rhythmic pattern with a valuable “slap/clap/tap” physical movement and, with diligent use, would most definitely improve the rhythm abilities of the least rhythmical student.

The authors state: “Rhythm is an essential element of music. But for many students and amateur musicians, reading and playing written music is an un-rhythmic mental exercise, miles away from the groove they might feel when dancing, or when playing or singing by ear. And without that internal rhythmic feel, music lacks cohesion and vitality.”

They also say: “You've Got Rhythm integrates a rhythmic feel into reading by combining spoken-word compositions (we call them "Talking Music") with simple but precise metric patterns of hand-slapping, -clapping, and -tapping. Students physically experience the subtleties of each meter's pattern of strong and weak beats as they practice reading. In this way, sightreading and a strong internal sense of the beat are quickly developed together.”

Space does not permit a more thorough reporting of the virtues and values of this publication. It is truly a major contribution to the world of music and, especially the teaching of music. My sincere suggestion is that you run, don't walk, to your computer, post office or phone and order this unique and totally comprehensive book today!

— Dr. Martha Baker-Jordan

Dr. Martha Baker-Jordan has been a Professor of Piano, Class Piano, and Piano Pedagogy at California State University, Fullerton, for twenty-six years. As author of many articles and papers, and author and co-author of several piano instruction books, Dr. Baker-Jordan is a recognized expert in piano teaching at all levels. She is one of three United States pianists who serve on the Music Teachers National Association Pedagogy Committee.

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