Library Journal

March 15th 2002

Performing Arts

You've Got Rhythm: Read Music Better by Feeling the Beat

This step-by-step guide will help students understand rhythm kinetically and intellectually. Dembska, a teacher, and composer, and performer, and Harkness, a pianist, teacher, and lecturer, have formulated a technique similar to the Dalcroze method that combines spoken-word compositions ("Talking Music") with hand-clapping patterns that " move through the shape of the meter" ("Slap/Clap/Tap"). The Talking Music exercises are preceded by clear, easy-to-understand music theory text. Suitable for fifth and sixth graders to adult beginners, You've Got Rhythm is one of several books from the authors' own publishing company, Flying Leap Music. They founded it to "to create new music education materials [that] teach technique from a practicing musicians point of view, activating and integrating the senses, intellect, and imagination." Fresh and unique, this guide is recommended for school media centers and public libraries with music education collections.

book with optional CD set