How cello teacher Martha Siegal uses You've Got Rhythm

“I love using You've Got Rhythm during my cello lessons. It's a good break for my students because they can put the instrument down for a few minutes and relax their bodies, and still keep learning at the same time. I use it with all of my private students, who range in age from 6 to 36. The 6 year old is just learning to read words, so it's a good partner to his reading progress. The book is thorough, well-organized and funny. Being a native New Yorker, I enjoy all the local references, and the musical ones as well. It's a fun opportunity to talk about all kinds of things with my students. Some of them find it hard to do the slap clap tap at the same time as reading the "talking musics", so I separate the 2 functions, and I do both myself, while they do one or the other, until they are ready to combine them. At each lesson, we do at least one page, and I keep track of where we are in the student's assignment notebook. We're not even half way through the book yet, so I look forward to completing it with some students and evaluating their rhythmic progress. There's no doubt in my mind that it is a helptul tool. Some of it is challenging for me, as well; especially the ones where the meter changes. The duet is especially challenging... Bravo for coming up with this original, creative approach to teaching rhythm to students of all ages…”

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